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Are you searching for a Durham County traffic ticket attorney with a successful record in court?  At our firm, The Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, we have resolved literally thousands of minor and criminal traffic related offenses for our clients.  We have 19 years of experience, and we can act quickly on your behalf.  The repercussions of a conviction extend far beyond the issue of license suspension, fines, or other penalties.  Your insurance rates will be greatly increased, and in for commercial drivers, the repercussions can be extensive.  Our firm can offer you the level of service and commitment, as well as experience, that you want fighting for you.

We defend a wide range of traffic tickets, including basic traffic violations and serious criminal traffic violations.  We can help professional drivers defend against commercial driver’s license violations (including DWI), and, driving with a revoked or suspended licensedriving with expired registration/tags, and driving without a license.

Durham County Traffic Ticket Attorney: Fighting Back in Traffic Court

If you are accused of any DWI or DUI defense we can help you fight back in court, and we are there to assist you throughout every step of the process, including representing you at DMV hearings.  If you are facing charges related to a failure to appear, a failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, or need help getting your license restored, our firm can help you get the issue under control, and we will do everything possible to get your ability to drive restored.  Those who are facing a ticket related to high speed violations or hit & run can suffer serious ramifications, including jail or prison.  When another person was injured or an accident took place, the situation becomes very dangerous.  Allow our skilled attorney to assist you in fighting back, and we will protect your rights throughout the process.

We defend clients facing tickets such as illegal/unsafe lane changesno operator’s licensepassing a stopped school bus, and we know how the state’s point system can impact your ability to drive if you have a series of traffic tickets.  We defend tickets for reckless drivingred light tickets and speeding tickets.  Our experience and record in court is our best recommendation to you.  We offer a free initial case consultation, and we advise you to call us immediately if you are in trouble with a minor traffic ticket or dealing with a criminal traffic violation.

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We have over 30 years of experience defending Raleigh residents against all types of traffic and criminal offenses.

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