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Red Light Tickets

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Have you been cited for running a red light?

Running red light tickets is a moving violation that can result in DMV points and increased insurance rates.  If you accumulate too many points on your driving record, you also face the possibility of driver’s license suspension.  In most traffic violation cases, the prosecution only needs to prove that the person committed the act; they do not need to prove that the offense was intentional.  There are many ways to dispute a traffic citation that a traffic ticket lawyer can explain.  Advice from a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney is invaluable, and can help you decide how to proceed with your case.  Contact a lawyer at Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, P.C. located in Raleigh if you have received a ticket for running a red light. We can give you seasoned advice regarding you legal options, and discuss ways to avoid a guilty verdict.  Our firm services clients in RaleighDurham, Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville.

How many points is a red light violation?

You will accrue three points on your driving record if you are found guilty of running a red light.  When a person acquires 12 points on their record during a three year period, their license can be suspended.  The loss of your driving privileges can impact your ability to work, attend school and keep other important commitments.  Our firm will fight the evidence against you, and work diligently to safeguard your driving record. In certain situations, running a red light can lead to charges of reckless driving, a much more serious offense that can result in:

  • 4 DMV points
  • Significantly increase insurance rates
  • Steep fines
  • License suspension

Red Light Ticket Defense

Effective representation in traffic court can be extremely beneficial and improve your chances of a successful outcome to your case red light ticket. Retaining the services of a skilled defense lawyer is the best way to dispute a citation and avoid traffic ticket penalties. We provide personalized service and will be attentive to your needs at all times.

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