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Our over 30 years of experience defending the rights of North Carolina residents is what makes us the right choice. We have the insights and knowledge to guide you through the complexities of the law.

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Thousands agree that our commitment to defending our clients is second-to-none. At some firms, you’ll spend most of the time speaking with paralegals and assistants, but at our firm, you always have access to your lawyer.


We pride ourselves on being accessible and providing non-judgemental legal aid for all types of crimes. We offer a free consultation and affordable rates to help you pursue the just outcome you deserve.
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Serving clients throughout The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, John fights aggressively to help those in need. He has a lifelong dedication to the legal system and is well-known for his conscientious nature and attention to detail. His clients will tell you repeatedly how much they admire his compassion and empathy while helping them through their legal matters.

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Law Offices of J. M. Kotzker, P.C. (NCLAWTALK)ExcellentLaw Offices of J. M. Kotzker, P.C. (NCLAWTALK)4.7 Based on 219 reviews fromSrivira ★★★★★ David&Jones gets the good done. When they say they going to stick with you they really mean it. Thank You!!!!!Jim B. ★★★★★ I was very anxious because it was my first time dealing with something like this. Kotzker was very responsive when I called him, he communicated with me over the course of several months and was very punctual, and patiently waited with me and discussed the case beforehand in a very personable matter.It was completely dismissed and the most favorable outcome, highly recommend!Thank youJay C. ★★★★★ They provide 5 star service and 5 star result. They handled my traffic ticket like it was never existed, highly recommended!Ashley J. ★★★★★ I will definitely recommend Mr J.M Kotzker to anyone.He got my case dismissed in a short period of time..I was definitely happy with the outcome.Best lawyer!!Adam S. ★★★★★ John Kotzker is the man! I had a potential misdemeanor case and he had it dismissed in no time! He is a phenomenal communicator and his strategies are no match for a DA. Lights out performance for a great price, I 100% recommend Mr Kotzker!Anthoney C. ★★★★★ This guy is a beast. I had 6 tickets from one stop and an fta as I didn't live in the state yet. Mr. Kotzker was able to have everything against me dismissed without me going to court or paying anything extra. They're definitely worth the money if you want the matter handled in a timely manner.Thanks guys and if I need anything else in the future this will be my go to attorney.Tamecca M. ★★★★★ John Kotzker for almost 7 years has represented me. And he has never let me down or lost a case. He’s always been very professional and very informative and I’m so grateful. I am so thankful for him and to him.Rachel A. ★★★★★ Mr. Kotzker was fantastic! Very professional and great with communication. He made my situation easy and painless by taking care of everything. Highly recommend!Kline W. ★★★★★ Thanks John for working on my case and for a terrific result! We greatly appreciate your work and giving us an awesome outcome!!Timothy Adam P. ★★★★★ Look, let me be FRANK! Wake County is a concrete jungle! It's hard to find representation among attorneys, lawyers, and vampire chameleons. I got off the phone with Mr. Kotzker and when he said, "any investigator calls you, call me! I'll get you through this!" He didn't ask for money off the bat, he gave me advice and I could hear and feel the compassion. I think good attorneys are out there and I think I can put my trust in this man. I know life isn't fair, and good counsel is few and far between, but this guy acts with concern! I'm sold!Jonathan “Jon” S. ★★★★★ I’m very pleased with my outcome , it was handled quickly and professionally, I recommend Mr. Kotzker’s law office.Adam H. ★★★★★ My teenager was involved in a car crash. Mr. Kotzker was exceptional in his representation. He was able to have the case dismissed, which was fantastic. In addition, his online case management and presence on our behalf in court was very professional and well worth it. I would definitely call him again if ever needed.David C. ★★★★★ Mr. Kotzker demonstrated responsiveness, timeliness, and precision while managing every facet of my case. Undoubtedly and hands down the best attorney I've met. I'm pleased to say he was my attorney.Lauren Y. ★★★★★ John Kotzker is the BEST lawyer in wake county.Respectful, fast responses, excellent results! Wish I could give more than 5 stars.Sadarea A. ★★★★★ Attorney Kotzker is great. First charge ever and he made it pretty easy. Only showed up to court twice, his portal kept me updated with everything that was going on with my case. All chargers got dismissed!! Thank you again. Highly recommendChristopher W. ★★★★★ J.M. Kotzker is in a league of his own. I had a failure to appear for a speeding in a work zone from 8 yrs ago. I live 100 miles away from Raleigh and I called lawyers off of Google and everyone of them wanted 75$ to pull driving record and 450+ to take the case to court with high chances of fines and cost of court. This law office charged 325$ and got me a Prayer for judgment and no points on my license and only 190$ cost of court. Very happy.michael L. ★★★★★ I was referred to J.M.Kotzker by Noble Reed law firm and Normaly I look for the worst outcome but that was not the case it was great good result thanks to this law firm J.M Kotzker thanks so much for all you doneAdarius P. ★★★★★ Did a wonderful job with me case I had doubts thinking I was gonna lose my license but Mr. John is irked that case and still have my license I have found my new traffic lawyer from here on outKassidy M. ★★★★★ I could not of had a better lawyer to represent me and my case. He took care of everything, which made me feel reassured about the whole process and results. He was very professional and made me feel confident that everything would be okay. He got my case dismissed which resulted in a clear record. I definitely recommend John Kotzker.Dylan S. ★★★★★ I got my first speeding ticket and was quickly referred to Attorney Kotzker. Simply put, immediately gave him a call and felt comfortable to have him represent me. He’s a good communicator and keeps you calm with it. Ended up being resolved and dropped to 0 points on my license. Thank you Attorney Kotzker! If anyone needs an attorney for any traffic infraction, go to him!Ray B. ★★★★★ Mr. Kotzker professionally handled my case and I’m very pleased with the result.I highly recommend Mr. Kotzker!Key P. ★★★★★ I had a speeding violation that could have resulted in my license being taken. I was charged with 30 over the speed limit also resulting in a criminal wreckless driving charge. I was referred to Mr. Kotzker and told of anyone can win my case he can. He not only won my case but had it reduced to 9 over the speed limit with no moving or criminal violations. I have paid other attorneys in Fayetteville more money for lesser charges and Mr. Kotzker did more for half the price. If you are in need of an attorney that you KNOW can win the case, i recommend Attorney John Kotzker. He in my opinion is the absolute best. Thank you and your team Attorney Kotzkerjs_loader

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DWI & DUI Defense

If you’re facing DWI charges in Raleigh, you’ll face a range of penalties, including fines, jail time, license suspension, and more. The specific consequences you’ll face will depend on the circumstances of your case, including your BAC level, previous DWI convictions, and any aggravating factors. Learn how we can help.

Raleigh Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic violations can be serious, but with the help of a qualified traffic lawyer, they don’t have to be. If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Raleigh, NC, you need to speak with an experienced traffic attorney as soon as possible.
Call the Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker to help  919-439-5104.

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We have over 30 years of experience defending Raleigh residents against all types of traffic and criminal offenses.

We know the law and we will use our knowledge to defend your driving record, fight for your rights, and work to get your ticket or criminal case reduced or dismissed completely.

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