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If you are in trouble with a traffic ticket, a Cumberland County traffic ticket attorney from our firm should be contacted immediately.  Our legal team has 19 years of experience in defending both minor and criminal traffic related offenses, from reckless drivingred light tickets and speeding tickets through to serious offenses such as DWI & DUI defense and hit & run.  Our law firm has resolved literally thousands of traffic related offenses, and we are qualified and committed to serve our clients with the highest quality legal work.

  • Speeding
  • CDL Violations
  • Suspended License
  • DMV Hearings
  • DWI & DUI Defense
  • Other Vehicle Related Offenses in Cumberland County

Whether you are fighting back against basic traffic violations, or are a professional driver that is in trouble with commercial driver’s license violations (including DWI), you need a lawyer that you can trust to take the case in hand and pursue a favorable case outcome.  We serve our clients in all types of drunk driving offenses, and can represent individuals in DMV hearings related to DWI or other licensing matter.  There are heavy fines and other problems you will be facing if you are convicted of driving with a revoked or suspended licensedriving with expired registration/tags, or driving without a license.  Allow our legal team to review your case and advise you of what can be done to fight back.

If you are accused of a failure to appear, or a failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, it is important that you have professional legal help to take charge of the situation.  If you have had your license suspended or revoked, getting your license restored is extremely important.  We know the process and how to best pursue the results you need.  Those who are dealing with a ticket involving high speed violationsillegal/unsafe lane changesno operator’s license, or passing a stopped school bus will have their license heavily impacted by the point system.  With too many tickets, you are no longer allowed to operate a vehicle, and once your license is restored, the cost of insurance can be astronomical.  You have the right to an attorney – get a good one!  Contact our firm, we have the experience and knowledge, as well as the record in court, you need on your side.  

We also have other practice areas including criminal defensebusiness litigation, and appeals when justice has not been served.

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We have over 30 years of experience defending Raleigh residents against all types of traffic and criminal offenses.

We know the law and we will use our knowledge to defend your driving record, fight for your rights, and work to get your ticket or criminal case reduced or dismissed completely.

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