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In Smithfield, NC, if you pay the fine associated with your traffic ticket then you are admitting guilt and pleading guilty. Once you plead guilty you are going to have to face the negative ramifications that come with it, which may include stiff monetary fines, points on your driver’s license, skyrocketing insurance premiums and in some cases driver’s license suspension. Traffic tickets are not hopeless and nor are DUIs, they can be fought and in some cases they can be won! A, experienced traffic ticket attorney can help you with your traffic ticket case.

At our firm, we have been defending the residents of Smithfield in their traffic cases for more than 19 years. Due to our extensive experience and our intimate familiarity with North Carolina traffic laws, we are in a very good position to help you in your traffic matter. Whether you were ticketed for speedingfailure to yield to an emergency vehicle, or if you were involved in a hit & run, we can help.

Traffic Tickets in Smithfield

If you had a high speed violation, or if you were charged with reckless driving, or if you received a red light ticket, we can work towards reducing the negative effects of the point system on your license and your automobile insurance. We can even help those who have been arrested for DWI & DUI work to get their license restored. Whether you made an illegal/unsafe lane change, or if you were ticketed for passing a stopped school bus, our firm can work to either eliminate or reduce the penalties that you are currently up against.

We can represent you at your DMV hearing, and if you are a commercial truck driver, we can assist in all types of commercial driver’s license violations (including DWI). Our firm is extremely sensitive to the fact that our economy is hurting, as are many of our Smithfield residents. To make hiring an attorney to represent you easier, we offer very competitive rates. Many of our traffic cases can be handled for as little as $75 in attorney’s fees. To find out if this low rate can be applied to your case, please contact our office to speak to a member of our legal team.

Traffic tickets can have a lasting and negative impact on all aspects of your life. We urge you to visit our traffic ticket FAQs page for more specific answers to your queries that may give you information on getting your license back. In addition to the above, our other practice areas include criminal defensebusiness litigation, and appeals. Your initial consultation is free so you can find out more about how our services can help you.

To learn more about the services we have to offer, contact a Smithfield traffic ticket lawyer from our firm today!

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