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An operator’s license in North Carolina is the same thing as your motor vehicle operator’s license, or your driver’s license; the terms are used interchangeably.  In North Carolina your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for many different reasons. Your license can be suspended or revoked if you accumulate too many points on your driving record, or if you are arrested for driving while impaired (DWI or DUI), or it can even be suspended for owing back child support.  These are all common reasons for license suspension.  Your operator’s license can also be suspended or revoked for reckless drivingfailing to appear for a court appearance or failure to pay traffic tickets or fines. You can also be charged with No Operators License (NOL) if you are a new resident of North Carolina and fail to get your North Carolina driver’s license within 60 days of moving here.  Another common way to be charged with NOL is if you are driving on an expired driver’s license, or if you are driving a vehicle such as a commercial vehicle or a motorcycle for which you have not obtained the appropriate license.  You can also be charged with NOL if you are from a foreign country and you fail to obtain the appropriate paperwork to drive in North Carolina. Regardless of the reason for your driver’s license suspension or revocation, we can help.  We have been helping North Carolina residents retain their driver’s license or get their driving privileges reinstated for more than 19 years.  Dealing with a license suspension or revocation, basic traffic violations and fines can be very confusing.  Regardless of the circumstances that led to your situation, we can advise you of your options and how best to proceed forward.  Even if you have been caught driving without a valid operator’s license, there is still hope for getting your driving privileges back. In order to lawfully drive in North Carolina, you must have a valid operator’s license and insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, in these troubled economic times many people cannot afford to pay their child support, traffic tickets or other fines and their license is subsequently suspended or revoked.  If you are found driving on a revoked or suspended license, or even if you never had a valid license before, you still face additional suspension, fines and penalties if you are caught. This places drivers in an even worse situation than before.  Not only would you face additional suspension and fines, it becomes exceedingly difficult to pay your fines if you have no way to get to work or school.  By consulting with a member of our legal team, we can get you on the right track to getting your driving privileges restored.  Your first response may be to pay off your old tickets; however, they must be paid off in a certain order if you want to avoid additional lengthy suspensions.  We can maximize your success rate by ensuring that you use the legal system to your greatest advantage.  Please, contact our office today so we can begin working to restore your driving privileges as efficiently as possible.

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Our determined legal team has helped individuals and families with thousands of no operator's license violations and criminal cases and assisted countless others with their differing legal needs.  Serving clients throughout The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville, we fight aggressively to help those in need.  We offer a free consultation and affordable rates to help you pursue the just outcome you deserve.

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