Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle

Under North Carolina traffic laws, emergency vehicles are always ensured the right of way, and failure to yield can cost you fines and points on your license.  Vehicles granted this privilege include police cars, fire engines and ambulances , when their sirens and lights are activated.  Drivers are required to move to the curb at the right-hand side of the road and come to a complete stop, remaining there until after the vehicle has passed.  Emergency vehicles that have stopped to investigate an accident or render assistance are protected by a 100 foot radius, and stopping your car within that area is a ticketable offense.  It is also illegal to park or drive closer than one city block from a fire truck that is engaged in fighting a fire.  Under certain circumstances, you can be given a traffic ticket for passing too close to a law enforcement vehicle on the side of the road or for or passing at unsafe speeds.

Defeating a traffic ticket for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle is possible in most cases, and your chances of a successful outcome will be greatly improved if you work with an aggressive attorney.   The cost of your ticket will depend on the specific circumstances of the alleged infraction, but most people have to pay several hundred dollars.  Your insurance rates will also be increased in proportion to the number of points attached to this traffic offense in the point system.

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Our determined legal team has helped individuals and families with thousands of failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and criminal cases and assisted countless others with their differing legal needs.  Serving clients throughout The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, we fight aggressively to help those in need.  We offer a free consultation and affordable rates to help you pursue the just outcome you deserve.

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Failed to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle?
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The Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker will can review the specifics of your case and develop a strategic approach to the situation.  We are adept at effectively fighting speeding tickets and red light tickets and tickets or charges relating to high speed violationsreckless drivingillegal/unsafe lane changesfailure to yield to an emergency vehicle and passing a stopped school bus.  Read more about traffic tickets
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