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DUI Defense Attorney in Raleigh

DUI Defense Attorney in Raleigh

DUI & DWI Defense

Law enforcement officers and the courts in North Carolina are cracking down on drunk driving. The penalties can be quite severe, especially for multiple offenses. If you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you could be facing having your driver's license suspended for up to a year. Depending on the presence of aggravating factors, you could also be sent to jail for up to 12 months. Our state's punishment for DWI is based on a system of levels of aggravating factors. Grossly aggravating factors include:

  • A prior DWI conviction within 7 years
  • A child under the age of 16 in the vehicle while driving under the influence
  • Serious injury to another person while DWI
  • DWI while license is suspended for another DWI

If a person is convicted of two of these grossly aggravated factors involving DWI, they can expect a "Level One" punishment. If a driver has one of these factors, they can expect a "Level Two Punishment". Level One Punishment consists of jail time of 30 days to 24 months, and up to $4000 in fines. Level Two Punishment has a jail time of between 7 days and 12 months, and up to $2000 in fines.

In North Carolina, a driver gives implied consent to give a breath test or urine test if requested by a law enforcement officer. If you refuse to give a test, your license is automatically suspended for 30 days.

When you or someone you love has been charged with a DWI offense, it is important that you act immediately to hire an experienced Raleigh traffic ticket attorney who can provide strong legal defense. If you are convicted of a DUI, not only will you have to deal with fines, possible jail time, and a suspended license, but you'll also have a criminal record which will make future employment difficult as well as have a negative impact on rental applications and increased insurance rates under the point system.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Raleigh

At Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, P.C. we will work to effectively have your charges and penalties reduced or dropped altogether. We understand you may feel worried and overwhelmed with anxiety regarding the outcome of your case. Let us help take that worry off your shoulders _ contact our office and speak directly with one of our attorneys. We will examine every aspect of your case, looking for legal or factual issues that could result in a dismissal. If necessary we will vigorously represent you at trial, seeking a not_guilty verdict. Just because you were stopped at a DWI c heckpoint and were arrested, it does not mean your case is lost.

Contact a DUI defense attorney to find out more about what you can do to successfully resolve your case.


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