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Illegal or Unsafe Lane Changes in Raleigh

illegal or Unsafe Lane Changes in Raleigh

Traffic Ticket Defense

Unsafe lane changes are among the most frequent infractions leading to traffic tickets on the streets and highways of Raleigh. Police and North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers will not hesitate to pull over a driver who commits an illegal lane change. By law, you are required to use your turn signals before making a lane change, early enough to alert other drivers of the maneuver. Failure to signal, both when moving to the passing lane and when returning to the right lane, is grounds for a traffic stop. You can also be ticketed if you change lanes without keeping a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you and behind. Many drivers receive tickets for not observing restrictions on lane changes in construction zones.

Most tickets for an illegal lane change will cost the driver around $1,000 and in a majority of cases, it is a 2_point infraction in the point system which can result in a 45% insurance premium surcharge. Driver improvement clinics may be mandated. If the ticket leaves you with more than 12 points in 3 years, your license may be suspended. An experienced Raleigh traffic ticket attorney can help you challenge the ticket and avoid these consequences.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Raleigh

At Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, P.C., we understand how concerned you may be to rid yourself of a traffic ticket for an illegal or unsafe lane change. This type of ticket is often based on the opinion of the officer, rather than on objective evidence. There are several ways to fight for a successful resolution, and our attorneys will investigate your situation to determine the best approach. We have been serving The Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill since 1992, providing affordable and effective legal representation to our clients. You will be able to speak directly with the attorney about your ticket, because we are a small firm, focused on personal service.

Contact a Raleigh traffic ticket attorney for assistance resolving a ticket for an illegal or unsafe lane change.


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