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Getting Your Drivings License Restored

Getting Your License Back after Suspension

Losing one's driver's license can be devastating and includes the embarrassment of asking others for rides, relying on public transportation or walking to get around. It significantly changes most areas of one's life and is certainly the loss of an important freedom. If your license has been suspended or revoked, consult with a Raleigh traffic ticket attorney at Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, P.C. today. We have your best interests at heart and will work to help you get your license back at the earliest possible point in time.

A North Carolina's driver's license can be suspended or revoked due to driving violations or violations of other state laws. Some common reasons for revocation or suspension include:

If you believe your license may be suspended due to one of these reasons or others, you need to speak with our attorneys at your earliest opportunity. At our no_obligation initial consultation, we will listen to you and determine whether we may be able to help. If retained, we will fight aggressively to achieve a good result in your case. Don't delay, call us today.

Working Hard in Raleigh to Protect Your Rights

After the loss of your driving privileges, you must surrender your license and then stop driving. It is important that you realize if you are caught driving, you may be imprisoned for up to 5 years and/or the length of your suspension may be increased. In the case of a DUI charge, you may be able to get a hardship license that allows you to drive for limited reasons. After your suspension or revocation is over, you will receive a written notice of restoration with further instructions. Do not drive until you have completed the required steps and have received your replacement license from the DMV.

With nearly 20 years of experience and an excellent success rate, we are your best choice in a law firm.

Contact a Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer from Law Offices of J.M. Kotzker, P.C. for personal attention today.


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