Types of Injuries

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What is a "Soft Tissue" Injury?

Soft tissue includes skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments and other internal organs.  Frequently, when someone is involved in an accident, they may experience an injury to one or more types of these soft tissue areas in the body.  Because soft tissue injuries can not always be seen on x-rays, insurance companies like to try and downplay their significance in the overall effect that an accident may have had on a person.  It is important that you speak with an attorney who understands how to maximize the value of your case when it involves injuries to soft tissue.  Our attorneys understand the strategies used by insurance companies to try and diminish the value of a person's case when it involves soft tissue damage.  We know that in reality, soft tissue injuries can be much worse than a fracture, for example.

What is a "bulging" or "herniated" disc?

The bones in the back are called vertebrae and together, the make up the spine.  In between the vertebrae, are spongy soft tissue called discs.  The discs are filled with water and are "squishy" as they act like shock absorbers.  When an injury occurs to these discs, sometimes the material inside the disc can become herniated or break free and press on nerves that surround the spinal cord.  When disc material impinges on a nerve, it can cause many problems for the accident victim, including severe pain, numbness or tingling and other neurological problems.  These are very serious injuries that require special medical care.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most signifcant and devastating injuries involves trauma to the head.  The brain can become injured in two main ways.  First, direct injury from an outside object directly coming into contact with the brain.  Or, the most common way, is the actual brain impacting the inside of the skull which is meant to protect the brain.  These types of injuries are so devastating because of the effects they can have on the family members of the accident victim.  Not to mention the life changing effects on areas such as speach, motor coordination, cognition(thinking) and emotions.  You need an experienced legal team to help you and your family with accidents involving these types of injuries.  Call us to disccuss how we can help obtain money damages for these types of injuries.